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Gracias, Jaspers!

On Thursday, March 5th, I was the invited guest speaker at my undergraduate alma mater, Manhattan College's Pi Sigma Alpha Induction Ceremony -the Political Science Honor Society.

My dear and old friend, Marisol Alcantara '95 and my daughter, Carmen Perdomo, joined me in celebrating the hard work of the students.

I shared with them the importance of developing and maintaining networks throughout their career and finding mentors who will help and encourage their growth. It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss my own winding road towards hanging my own shingle.

In the Fall 2020, I will be teaching Immigration Law, Politics and Policy. This course will be exploring how the role of the constitution, the three branches of the US Government, States and Municipalities in the development of immigration law and policies. Students also get the opportunity to study the impact of political parties, social movements and the media have on the ongoing debate.

Thank you to Dr. Pamela Chasek, Chair of the Political Science Department and Dr. Margaret Groarke, Professor of Political Science for bringing me on board and support.

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